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Adoption After Delivery

Our Texas adoption agency explains how you can choose adoption after delivery

There are many reasons why a mother might choose adoption after delivery, and Legacy can support women regardless of their reason. Our Texas adoption agency has carried out many last-minute adoptions. In these situations, it is important for the mother to remember that she is not alone and has options.

Legacy’s social workers make quick and compassionate connections with new mothers. If you are in labor or have just delivered your baby, you can call us 24 hours a day for help at (817) 784-7641.

Why do some birth moms wait to make their decision?

For many women, the notion of placing their child for adoption is surreal. Yet, parenting also feels impossible at the current life stage.

No one ever imagines they’ll consider adoption for their child one day. It is not a life decision that comes with a guide, like going to college or buying a car. It takes time for an expectant mother to wrap her head around the idea of adoption. Sometimes, that time ends up being the entire duration of her pregnancy.

In other cases, the postpartum mother has less of a choice. If she is currently battling an addiction and her child was born testing positive for narcotics, the hospital may have called Child Protective Services. Many women contact us at this point, choosing adoption after delivery to retain some control over their child’s future.

We have also worked with women who did not know they were pregnant until they started labor. Our Texas adoption social workers help these postpartum mothers pursuing last-minute adoptions make sound decisions.

What are the options for adoption after delivery?

You can pursue adoption at any time. If you are in labor, have recently delivered or are back at home with your baby, you can call a Legacy social worker 24 hours a day at (817) 784-7641.

Adoption is not foster care. If you place your child in a Safe Haven zone, or if your child is removed from your custody by Child Protective Services, the state chooses his or her foster parents. Your child could be moved from home to home until finding a permanent solution, with little to no input from you.

With adoption, you choose your child’s parents. Our Texas adoption agency can help you find a couple who would be thrilled to provide your child with a permanent and loving home at a moment’s notice. We can show you multiple profiles of families longing to have a child. Most of our waiting families are prepared (and even eager) to drop everything and rush to the hospital when the time comes.

If you are considering adoption after delivery, know that you have a support team a phone call away. Call a Legacy social worker 24 hours a day at (817) 784-7641.