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How Hospital Adoptions Work

Learn how hospital adoptions work – making a plan for adoption after delivery

Mothers now have much more control over their decisions. If you believe that adoption will be the best choice for you and your child, then you can choose an open or closed adoption after you have delivered. Legacy Adoption Services can give you a list of prescreened families that would be honored to raise your child.

Types of modern adoptions.

Open adoptions: You can stay involved to the degree you choose. You may ask to get updates via photos and letters, view an online account with regular postings or receive phone calls and/or visits.

Closed adoptions: Some mothers want to choose the family that gets the gift of a child but do not want ongoing contact. Others rely on us to select a loving home.

Your happiness, and that of your child, are important to us, and you will be a part of our Legacy family for many years.

Making a plan at the hospital after delivery

It’s not too late to decide that you want a loving family to raise your baby and give him or her a life that you can’t provide right now. A hospital adoption gives you the power to make this decision and allows you to pursue your goals and dreams. Here is how the process works:

1. Call Legacy Adoption Services at (817) 899-5000 and ask to meet with a counselor who will discuss the available options, answer your questions and support you throughout the process.

2. Decide whether you want to commit to an adoption plan and to identify the things that are important to you and your baby.

3. Meet the adoptive family you have chosen, if you desire.

4. Take pictures with the baby and the adoptive family if you want to remember this moment.

5. Sign placement papers 48 hours or more after delivery.

6. Send the baby home with his or her forever family and NOT to foster care if CPS was otherwise going to take possession.

The team at Legacy Adoption Services will continue to manage the paperwork and legal requirements associated with the adoption. Our counselors will be available to help you handle the normal emotions that follow childbirth and big decisions.