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Last Minute Hospital Adoption Plans

Ask Legacy Adoptions for help with a last-minute hospital adoption plans for your baby

When you’re not ready to raise a child but you’ve just delivered a baby, let Legacy Adoption Services provide you with options and answers – not pressure. Our knowledgeable counselors can be at your bedside in about an hour after your call to help you decide what you want to do next.

If you don’t have a safe home for your baby, no interested father, no job or income, or if you’re at risk of having to surrender the baby to CPS or foster care, then let us help you take control.

Legacy will provide you with the resources needed to give your child a home where he or she is loved. We offer new mothers assistance in the following ways:

Responding 24/7: Options Counselors are available around the clock to meet your needs during and after your decision process.

Providing options: Our Options Counselors will explain your legal rights, assess the birthfather’s rights, and describe how open and closed adoptions work.

Making choices: Pick your child’s future family from prescreened couples. You can specify education levels, work status, religions and more. Or you can rely on our counselors to make the best choice of a loving family.

Clearing CPS and positive drug tests: In most situations, Legacy can help get cases closed quickly if you choose adoption.

Covering your costs: Your medical and hospitalization fees, legal expenses and counseling are free to you. Postpartum living expenses may be included.

Provide your child with a future you design. Considering a last minute hospital adoption plan

You may be worried that family, friends and future partners will judge you negatively if you consider adoption. They should realize that it takes a lot of strength and love to make the decision to give your child a better life than you can offer.