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Unplanned Pregnancy in Dallas

Get the help you need when facing an unplanned pregnancy in Dallas

You’re seeing a positive where you were hoping to see a negative, and you can’t raise a baby right now. It’s all so overwhelming. What do you do now? If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy in Dallas, we invite you to visit Legacy Adoption Services.

Every day, we help women and their partners who are dealing with unexpected pregnancies in Dallas, Garland, Richardson, Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Highland Park and the surrounding areas. Our team also works with mothers who are struggling to raise a baby.

When you reach out, you can meet with one of our counselors. They will provide a safe space for you to talk about your situation and your worries. Your counselor will then help you learn about your different options, including modern Texas adoption.

Find support if you can’t raise a baby right now

It’s not easy to face an unplanned pregnancy in Dallas. However, you can rest easy knowing that there are people who can help you. You may not have support from your friends and family, but our counselors have got your back.

Just give us a call or send us an email to get started. From there, we can schedule a time to talk in person. You can come to our Dallas office, or one of our counselors can meet you somewhere else. We just want you to feel safe and comfortable talking about your pregnancy and your worries about it.

Your counselor will give you plenty of time and support to discuss your unplanned pregnancy in Dallas. After you share your story, your counselor will help you learn more about your options, including parenting and placing your baby for adoption.

If adoption sounds like the best choice for you and your baby, you’ll be in complete control throughout the process. With modern adoption, you get to pick the family who will adopt and raise your child. You also decide how your pregnancy and delivery will progress, which can be empowering and comforting.

We can help if you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy in Dallas

It can seem like a dark time right now, but there is hope. If you can’t raise a baby, you can turn to our counselors. Contact us to learn more about the available options, including Texas adoption.

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