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Placing Your Baby for Adoption in Dallas

Legacy counselors make placing your baby for adoption in Dallas a positive experience

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption in Dallas, Legacy counselors would love to serve as your support system. Parents who place their babies for adoption are brave and selfless. It is our privilege to walk alongside them during a difficult time.

Our agency specializes in Texas adoption, with our home base in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We can meet with the women we serve in person, which makes the adoption process so much more rewarding for everyone involved.

Placing your baby for adoption in Dallas

Modern adoption looks different than the past. Today, you can choose the family who will parent your child. You can look at photo and video profiles of couples hoping to adopt. You can then take your time to select the family who is the best fit for your child.

Placing your baby for adoption in Dallas does not mean losing touch forever. As your child grows up, you’ll be able to stay updated on how they’re doing. Many birth and adoptive families have an open relationship, meaning they stay in touch and even visit.

Where to begin

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, it can be difficult to weigh your options by yourself. One of our Texas adoption counselors can support you through your uncertainty and fear. It is our job to encourage and educate you throughout the process.

You can begin by calling or texting us anytime at (817) 899-5000. If you decide to move forward with adoption, we will help you take one step forward at a time.

Your adoption counselor can help you in the following ways.

Adoption changes lives

If you are considering placing your baby for adoption in Dallas, it may help to remember what a gift adoption is to others. There are so many couples struggling with infertility. Many have been hoping for a child for years. Your selfless decision can make someone else’s dream come true.

You may set an example to those around you. It is inspiring to see another person’s courage, especially when the cost is so high.

Most importantly, you are giving your child the best life possible. They will have you to thank for a loving, generous home where their dreams can come true. You also give them the gift of siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Although you may be fearful and overwhelmed right now, know that Texas adoption changes lives for the better. The counselors at Legacy Adoption Services are here to support and encourage you during your time of uncertainty. Call or text us at (817) 899-5000.

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