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What Does an Adoption Delivery Look Like?

Advice for those first fragile hours after an adoption delivery

Advice for those first fragile hours after an adoption deliveryAn adoption delivery is unique. Questions need to be answered, such as, “Who will feed the baby first? Do the adoptive parents stay in a hospital room or at a hotel? Should the baby go to the nursery or stay with the birth mom?” These are scenarios most of us have never imagined working through before.

The social workers at our Texas adoption agency have years of experience helping expectant and adoptive parents answer these types of questions. Although each situation is different, we’ve found there are some general guidelines that enormously help the families we work with.

Communicating your adoption delivery plan

It is important to remember that the expectant mother is in control of her adoption delivery plan. Up until she signs her legal consent for the adoption, the child is her own. As difficult as it can feel, it is the role of the adoptive parents to follow her lead.

It is in the expectant mother’s best interest to carefully consider what she would like her hospital time to look like before she goes into labor. It is even better if she clearly communicates her desires with her Texas adoption caseworker and the adoptive parents early on. When everyone is aware of each other’s hopes and expectations, it reduces the amount of nervous energy.

Questions to consider about your hospital stay

The following is a sampling of the types of questions we typically ask our expectant mothers considering adoption.

  • When would you like the adoptive parents to come to the hospital? When you go into labor or after you deliver?
  • Who will be with you during the labor and delivery?
  • Do you envision the adoptive parents holding, changing and feeding the baby?
  • Do you want to spend time alone with your baby?
  • Do you want to take pictures with your baby? Is it alright if the adoptive parents want pictures with you?

Your social worker will help you work through the specifics of your adoption delivery plan. Some of these questions take time and consideration, and that is okay. The important thing is to move forward in a way that is best for you and your child.

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