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Choosing Adoption- the Gift That Keeps on Giving

adoptionEvery year, thousands of families are created through the miracle of adoption. According to the U.S State Department, American families adopted more than 7,000 children in 2012. Everyday, strong women like you choose to place your child up for adoption, understanding the unending benefits that you and your child will receive. Today, adoption is a widely accepted option for a woman who is experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and is considering adoption for any reason.

Advantages for Birth Mothers
An unplanned pregnancy can delay or halt the dreams of the birth mother. You may not be able to care for the child financially, may be facing this daunting task alone, or may not be ready to parent the child. Women who choose adoption reap many benefits including:

  • They tend to have higher educational aspirations
  • Are more likely to finish school and to continue with higher education
  • Are less likely to live in poverty and to get public assistance
  • Are more likely to be employed within a year of the child’s birth
  • Are more likely to marry, less likely to get a divorce and to postpone having more children out of wedlock

But most of all, you will be choosing a life for your child. Contacting an adoption agency will connect you with the parents you could only dream of for your child. Statistically, 70.2% of people who adopt are married families, 22.7% are single females, and only 1.6% and 5.5% of adoptions are to unmarried couples and single males.

You also have the ability to choose the correct adoption program for you and your child. If preferred, you can be a part of the child’s life through an open adoption, and this will reassure you that your child is loved their entire life. It will also give you the comfort that you made the correct decision.

Advantages for Adopted Children
Children placed in adoptive homes grow up in a stable household that you lovingly chose for them. They can have opportunities and resources you may not have been able to provide for them at this current stage in your life. Studies show adoptive children are healthier, receive more one on one attention from a parent, are more involved in extracurricular activities, and are well adjusted with their peers.

Most importantly, over 90% of adopted children ages five and over have positive feelings about their adoption. Your child will know that you chose the best life for them, and will be grateful that your courageous decision gave them the best life possible.

There is help available for you at any step of the adoption process. Speak with an adoption specialist confidently and without obligation today.

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