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Should I Give My Baby Up for Adoption? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Giving up a baby for adoption is never an easy choice. But for many women, placing your child up for adoption into a loving family can offer many benefits for your child. Even so, it is a choice that should never be taken lightly. In order to make this brave choice for both you and your baby, it is important to consider many different aspects of your personal life.

If you are considering placing your baby with an adoptive family, here are some questions to ask yourself.

1. In my current financial, emotional, and social state, am I able to provide for my child’s needs?

A child is expensive and requires around the clock care. If you have different responsibilities that you cannot imagine giving up for a child, then adoption may be right for you.

2. Is my job stable?

If you have spent your time fluctuating between jobs, or if your current job is temporary, consider this before going to an adoption center. A child comes with an incredible amount of expenses, and your child will rely on you to meet their every need.

3. What will I be able to do concerning child care?

Another detail to consider is where your child will be when you are working. Will you be able to afford childcare services, or will you have to rely on family and friends to do it for you?

4. Do you plan to continue your education?

Obtaining a higher level of education, college degree, or certification can be hard enough as it is by yourself, let alone having to take care of a child. If continuing education is a dream you have, remember this during your decision.

5. Am I ready for parenthood now, and for the rest of my life?

Keep in mind that it’s normal for expectant mothers to feel nervous, and few first-time parents feel “ready” to be a parent. However, do not feel pressured to make the decision to parent right now if you are not currently ready for the possibility.

In the end, adoption is no easy choice for a birth mother. If you are looking for some support during this time, make sure to contact an adoption center to discuss the adoption programs available to you. If you are feeling unsure, know in the end that 90% of all adopted children ages five and older have incredibly positive feelings about their adoption and their adoptive families.

It is okay to ask for help in your decision. If you’re researching the best adoption agencies in Forth Worth and Dallas, Texas, then call one of our adoption counselors today to learn more.

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