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Tips For Selecting An Adoption Agency

Selecting an adoption agency is a big decision, but asking the right questions can help

Selecting an adoption agency is a big decision, but asking the right questions can helpOur Texas adoption agency loves talking to newly inspired parents-to-be who feel the call to adopt. Right off the bat, these adoptive parents have questions about selecting an adoption agency. Here, we share some tips for picking the best agency for you and your family.

Tips for getting started on your adoption journey

When a couple calls us for the first time, we advise them to do their due diligence before signing on with an agency. If they choose our Texas adoption agency, we want them to feel confident in their decision, after examining all their options and choosing the best fit.

One of the best places to start is the National Council for Adoption. The organization’s website provides a list of licensed adoption agencies in each state. A fully vetted agency has financial stability, has a good business model and can sustain their operations throughout the duration of an adoption. This information can help with selecting an adoption agency.

Questions to ask when selecting an adoption agency

Reach out to five adoption agencies and ask for their information packets. From there, choose two or three that you’d like to learn more about. Then schedule a visit or a phone call to ask the following questions before selecting an agency.

  • Does the agency specialize in your state’s adoption laws?
  • If the agency facilitates adoptions around the United States, can it provide more information about the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children?
  • What services does the agency offer to expectant parents? To adoptive parents?
  • What is the typical ratio between waiting families and expectant parents? What is the average wait time?
  • What is the policy around adopting a specific gender?
  • Can the agency connect you with an adoptive family that it has worked with?

It is also important to fully understand the agency’s financial policy. Does its price vary, or does it offer a flat rate fee? What is the agency’s financial risk if the expectant mother changes her mind? An agency should also provide clear guidance on how to plan for adoption costs.

Taking the next step to adopt

Pursuing adoption is an adventure. When selecting an adoption agency, it’s wise to choose one that educates and supports parents who choose this rewarding path. No matter how you pursue it, we honor your call to adopt. If you would like to know more, call our Texas adoption agency at (817) 784-7579.

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