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About Us

Meet the Gritte's

We have known each other since grade school, we grew up living about a mile away from each other and going to the same church and schools. After going away to college, our friendship deepened and we started dating. In 2016, we went on a beautiful hike to a place called Hanging Lake, serene lake on top of a mountain, and it was there that we got engaged. We got married in 2017 and every day has been better than the last. In 2020, we added our son Caleb to our family. He is eagerly waiting for a sibling and is so excited to be a big helper.

Our Family

We are together with family for nearly every holiday. Most holidays revolve around spending time together, cooking, and relaxing. Our families enjoy cooking and we typically make elaborate feasts for the holidays. In the evenings we like to play games with anyone who wants to join!

Some other traditions are:
Making cookies, reading “The Night Before Christmas” for Christmas
Cascarones and baskets for easter
Eating too much and playing family football games for Thanksgiving

Our Home

Our Home

Our home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It was built in 1940 and we love all the character and history in it. We have both a front yard and a backyard, but we love playing in our front yard the most because of all the neighbors and kids that are out and about. We chose our neighborhood because we loved the unique homes, full of history, and the family environment. One of our favorite things about our neighborhood is seeing all of the kids running around outside and hearing their joyful voices. Our neighbors have formed an incredible community. One of our favorite places in our neighborhood is a small, local library with a great playground outside.

Final Thoughts

Before you go

We want to again thank you for taking the time to consider our family. We know it is probably difficult to get a sense of who people are through pictures alone, but we hope this profile has shown you a glimpse of our lives. We cannot say enough that what we want most of all is to provide your child with a constant, loving, supportive home, where they will always feel valued, cared for, and respected. We hope to surround them with joy and adventures, both the real and the imaginary kinds, and support them through all of life’s challenges that come up along the way. Most importantly, our love for this child is unconditional!