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Writing Your Adoption Hospital Plan

Legacy Adoption Services offers tips to help you create your adoption hospital plan

Legacy Adoption Services offers tips to help you create your adoption hospital planAs it draws nearer, many expectant moms start to worry about their delivery and hospital stay. Will they have the privacy they need? How much time will they get with their baby? What will the adoptive parents be like? Creating a hospital adoption plan before you go into labor can help calm some of these fears.

Our Texas adoption agency has worked with countless women across the state, helping them write plans that make them feel comfortable. We’ll share some insights into this important step.

Creating an adoption hospital plan

Creating a birth plan is a common process for all pregnant women, but there is an added layer when it comes to making an adoption hospital plan. Below are a few of the questions your counselor may ask you.

  • Who will take you to the hospital? Who will be with you during and after the delivery?
  • Do you plan on using pain medication during your delivery?
  • Do you want the adoptive couple to be in the delivery room with you, or stay in the waiting room until a certain time?
  • How much time do you want alone with the baby? When does that matter most to you?
  • Are you comfortable with the adoptive couple holding and bottle feeding the baby in the hospital?
  • Do you want any pictures or keepsakes from your time in the hospital? Do you feel comfortable preparing a letter or gift for the baby?
  • Do you want to leave the hospital before or after the adoptive family?

Changing your plan

Remember that you are in charge of your delivery and hospital stay. Your counselor will support you if you change your mind about any aspect of your adoption hospital plan, even up until the very last moment.

You may arrive at the hospital and discover that certain pieces of your plan look different, others matter more to you than you realized, and some parts are surprisingly easy. But with the security of an adoption hospital plan underfoot, you can exercise the freedom to make changes should you need to.

Contact our Texas adoption agency at (817) 704-0239 for help creating your plan.

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