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Raising Adoption Awareness

November is the time for raising adoption awareness and celebrating modern adoption

November is the time for raising adoption awareness and celebrating modern adoptionAt our Texas adoption agency, we are raising adoption awareness every day through our work. November is National Adoption Month, which is a special time to celebrate modern adoption. We are working to raise awareness about how adoption can help an expectant mother looking for wonderful parents to raise her child and adoptive parents looking for a baby to love.

Special celebrations are raising adoption awareness in November

There are three different days and months scheduled for November to celebrate modern adoption and everything it means to children and parents.

  • World Adoption Day is November 9. According to their website, “#WorldAdoptionDay celebrates the growth and hope that adoption can bring.” They encourage people to join the celebration by drawing a smiley face on their hand. People can also share their stories at #WorldAdoptionDay.
  • November is also National Adoption Month. This month-long celebration is initiated by the Children’s Bureau. Its goal is to “increase national awareness of adoption issues.” Every year, they focus on a different issue. In 2021, The Children’s Bureau is focusing on the need for teen adoption from the U.S. foster care system.
  • November 21 is National Adoption Day. This day is the result of a coalition of several national partners. On this day, the founders make “a collective effort to raise awareness of the more than 120,000 children waiting to be adopted from foster care in the United States.”

Adoption creates families in many different and beautiful ways

Raising adoption awareness includes helping people understand the variety of ways that adoptive parents grow their families. While some people create their families by adopting children from the foster care system, our agency does not focus on foster care.

Instead, the families who pursue modern adoption at our Texas adoption agency create their families by providing a loving home and family to a baby. The expectant mothers choose our agency to help them find the most loving family to raise their baby. These expectant parents get the support and care they need during and after their pregnancies from the caring staff at our agency.

Raising adoption awareness is always part of our goal. To learn more about our Texas adoption agency, contact us.

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