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Unwanted Pregnancy

What if I Change My Mind?


Generally, most people do not consider adoption when they find out they are pregnant, or they do consider it, but do not feel that they are strong enough to do it. Pregnancy and the thought of newborn can cause a lot of excitement for a mom and her family. However, this excitement can cause people to choose to parent without even considering what the future holds.

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An Unwanted Baby Can Lead to Unintentional Harm

Pressure and frustration can lead to harm of an unwanted baby

If you think that nothing can be worse than becoming pregnant with an unwanted baby, you may be wrong. Some women find themselves pressured by families, friends or birth fathers into keeping the child. When the babies arrive, the offers to help disappear. The women are faced with raising their children for 18 years.

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Teen Pregnancy

Outcomes of Teen Pregnancy

According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services; Texas was ranked 4th out of 51 states, including the District of Columbia on the 2010 final teen birth rates among females aged 15-19. Sexual behaviors among high school students, grades 9th -12th, in 2011 were high. 52 percent of Texas high school students have had sexual intercourse.

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Legacy Adoption Services Adopts a Highway

Legacy Adoption Services believes in giving back to the community it serves. In keeping with the mission of adoption, Founder Tina Dean, staff, family and friends adopted a two mile stretch of 1709 in Keller, Texas, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth.

Adopting a Helpful Attitude

Legacy founder Tina Dean and family participated in the first of four clean-up days scheduled for 2013 this past weekend.

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